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Flow Charts

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At some point of time, I started to get my life back together.  I can actually pin-point the exact time and location: the day after I first temporarily came back to Boulder, on the dirt road on the east side of Boulder Rez, looking out over the water at Green Mountain, Bear Peak, Sanitas…Boulder.  Home.  It was then that I set the intention of moving forward, embracing what I was good at and loved doing.  So I made myself a little flow chart: If this happens, I’ll do this, that and the other.  Or, if this doesn’t happen, well, I’ll figure it out then.


Honestly, I didn’t know what I was going to do if it fell through.  I figured that if I whole heartedly believed it would happen, it would.


Yesterday, I got home from my ride and opened my email.  There it was, the email I’d been impatiently waiting for: You have an excellent job for the spring that not only are you good at, but will let you ride, let you teach, and let you save up some money.  The endorphin buzz combined with the news sent excitement levels beyond what I can even begin to describe.


Step #1: Complete.  Here’s to moving forward.


When you ask, when you believe, the Universe listens.


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