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Getting ‘It’

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Yesterday in yoga, the lovely Amy spent some time talking about getting ‘it’.  I smiled at the idea.  My getting ‘it’ has turned into embracing not getting ‘it’, and being okay with that.  I don’t understand why things happen the way they do, but as part of my practice of analyzing less and feeling more, I’m starting to feel like I don’t always have to get ‘it’.


Wouldn’t getting ‘it’ take all the fun out of searching for ‘it’?  Wouldn’t it take all the mystery, adventure, and unknown out of our daily existence?  Would that suck as much as I think it would?

I can’t explain why I enjoy yoga.  I can’t explain why I enjoy riding my bike for seven hours through the cold, wind, and snow.  I can’t explain why a cup of tea before bed soothes my soul.  I just know, I feel, that it does.

I don’t know where my current life trajectory is going to take me, but I know it feels good.  Is that enough?  I think so.  Maybe I don’t have to get ‘it’.  I just have to feel ‘it’.  And enjoy every second of it that I can.


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