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Mini Celebration

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A few days ago, I stumbled upon 45 Life Lessons from a 90 Year Old.  I liked a lot of it, but #21 was my favorite: Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save
it for a special occasion. Today is special.


Seeing that I got rid of all my candles during the spring purge, I’m using whatever sheets my parents put on my bed when I moved back into their basement, and I’ve never owned fancy lingerie, I felt like I needed some other way to make yesterday special.


The master go-fast plan had a relatively…well, not exciting workout on it.  Two hours.  Fat bike.  Varied terrain.  Seriously…how am I supposed to do anything exciting with two hours?  Especially on the not-fasted-bike-ever.  Recovery weeks suck.


But I had a leftover cookie that I’d brought back from Trader Joe’s in Tucson.  Carrot cake with cream cheese insides.  The expiration date had passed, but I was determined not to let it go to waste.  I had warm temperatures. I had inspiration.  So I went to my closest favorite high spot to celebrate.


Celebrate what?  Cookies.  Bikes.  Joylovehappiness.  The Beautywild.  Fairylands filled with unicorns, angels, and sparkles.  Sunshine.  Blue skies.  Big views.  Big adventures.  Big futures.


And if I started my watch when I started going uphill, and stopped it at the top, then I just barely overshot my two hour limit.  Downhill doesn’t count as ride time, does it?

IMG_3938So many things to celebrate…I don’t think I’ll ever run out.


One thought on “Mini Celebration

  1. That was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Celebrate: Big adventures Big futures. hella yeah!!! Rock on EZ. On your wheel of thought from afar! Miff

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