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Little Appreciations

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My AZ trip was BIG.  HUGE energy.  HUGE riding.  Even bigger views, discoveries, and bliss.  And I’ll be the first to admit, coming home was hard.  Back to being productive, back to intervals on the bike, back to ‘day-to-day’.  It’s like coming off some extraordinary adventure, and heading straight back to the mundane.  Except there’s nothing mundane about this life.  To steal from my favorite yoga teacher: There is so much depth when we notice the little things.

IMG_3894So I’ve been trying to notice the little things.  To take special notice of the not obvious.


To draw all this energy that was created in the moonscape of the Sonoran desert inwards, to harness it in some way.  Knowing that the next four months are going to fly by in a whirlwind of teaching, St. George, Alaska, Tucson, a writing project which I’ve been putting off starting, and then hopefully a summer destination worthy of bike riding.


It’s so big I can’t even comprehend right now.  So I focus on the little.  Getting words on paper.  Getting ITI gear together.  Eating lots of veggies.  Watching the power numbers on the Powertap (I know, *gasp*) and smiling at how far I’ve come in the past four months.


I did intervals today.  On skinny tires.  Up Lefthand.  The same as I’ve done countless other times. And I couldn’t stop smiling.  Smiling my way through intervals.  I think I dig this new outlook.


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