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Perils of Optimism

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I have this problem that I tend to be an eternal optimist.  There are exceptions to this fact, such as when I fear running out of food, my optimism tends to fade, as well as when I’m suffering from the hangries, but all in all, I’d say that I trend more towards finding the good in everything rather than the bad.  The problem with this: I tend to find some things ridiculously fun and good that other people find, well, dumb.

When work obligations forced a return to Boulder for sub-72 hours before our predicted departure for Camp Lynda, I was a little worried.  Winter Park had delivered in terms of riding, but Boulder…well, Boulder has a bit of a reputation for lacking mountain bike access.  With four trails in the vicinity, I was worried about showing my riding routes and trails to someone who has miles upon miles upon miles of Tucson trails to access.  I was worried because just because I love my routes and limited numbers of trails, doesn’t mean they’re actually any good.


Just because I love Heil Ranch on every bike I’ve ever ridden it on, from my rigid singlespeed to my dually, doesn’t mean it’s a good trail.  I’ve heard my fair share of complaints about it.  Rocky.  Lacking flow.  Not steep enough.  But with only a couple of hours in the morning before ‘work’, we went.


By the time I dropped all the jelly beans at the overlook, I knew my fears were, once again, unfounded.  Am I seeing a pattern here?  The trail really is as fun as I think it is.  No, it’s not epic.  It’s not gnarly.  It’s not even that long.  But for a two hour ride, it’s pretty perfect.  And I even made it to work on time!  Well, almost, as the optimist in me overestimated my overall pedaling speed through town.


And then we had to bail on Camp Lynda due to a deteriorating weather forecast.  I may be optimistic, but I’ve done St. George in bad weather, and it did not treat me well.  So Thursday morning, we made the call to stay local instead, which meant I had the job of coming up with a ride for Friday.  Clearly, it had to go to the Ned Co-Op because if there’s one thing that I post more pictures of on this blog than my bike, it’s goodies from the Co-Op.

But what if the scones/muffins/cupcakes from the Co-op weren’t actually as good as I imagined them?


Now that, my friends, is a silly question.  Of course they’re really that good!  And the ride up there? Well, for the record, I did tell Scott that we were going to climb a bunch, to bring warm clothes, and really, he should know by now that I’m not kidding.

I was downright giddy by the time we hit Peak-2-Peak with the temperatures a solid 20 degrees warmer than they’d been a week prior when I’d struggled to stay warm and I had a hard time containing my excitement of how beautiful the weather was.  Balmy!  Sunny!  Only psuedo-windy!

Sub-freezing temperatures at 9,000 feet in Colorado with a solid, frigid breeze and I thought it was the best weather EVER.


Optimism: distorting reality one skewed viewpoint at a time.

The ride really was that delightful.  The muffin and coffee cake were really that good.  And the extra coffee cake that Scott had the foresight to buy for the weekend’s adventure was just more proof that maybe my life viewpoint really isn’t that distorted at all.


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