Zen On Dirt

The Calm


I took Scott to the bus station this morning to go to the airport, armed with his bike box, a duffle bag, and his backpack.  I waved goodbye as I left to go to work, knowing that I would be in the same position as him in a mere 36 hours.  Getting on the bus to go to the airport to go to Alaska.  Last April when I signed up for the ITI, this day seemed far, far, very far away.

Usually, before these things, I’m in a mad rush to get everything done, but this time around, I knew that my Wednesday and Thursday were going to be shot with work so I needed to have everything ready to go by Monday at noon, give or take a few last minute items which are currently in the dryer.  Shopping was done on Saturday. Clothing was packed on Sunday. The bike was packed on Monday.  Last night was spent lounging on the couch in front of the fire, finalizing my cheat-sheet that is coming along on the race.


I expected a late night tonight, as my to-do list is generally over flowing but after I got home from a lovely dinner with Jeny, I sat down and methodically crossed off the remaining half dozen life maintenance items that needed to get done, like paying car insurance, changing some grades, and figuring out where I needed to be and when once I got to AK.  And then everything ‘critical’ was done, and everything non-critical was either done, or got the nod for getting done after I got home.    I feel sort of lost right now.  Either I’m getting better at prepping for these things, or I’m forgetting something very major.  Either way, adventure begins the moment I finish teaching my last recitation tomorrow and hop on the 3:42 bus to DIA.

Race starts at 2pm on Sunday.  There’s no live tracking, but Kathi does a good job of keeping the leaderboard updated here.  The full butterfly effect hasn’t started yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.  And then I go adventuring, to see places I’ve never seen, to face fears that I’ve pondered for months and fears that I haven’t even imagined, and to soak in the beauty that is Alaska.

This is going to be good.


2 thoughts on “The Calm

  1. Nothing’s missing. You’re ready. Wishing you warm, speedy and amazing days ahead.

  2. Wishing luck and happiness.

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