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The AK sideshows


Sometimes I have a story to tell.  Sometimes I just have a life observation to share.  Sometimes I’m just in the process of recovery from the cold which knocked me squarely on my ass when it’s nearly 70 degrees out and have a few more pictures I want to put on the internets.  Today is one of those days.


I think some people are under the false impression that I know what I’m doing when it comes to bikepacking.  In the end, I’m as much of a junk-show as anyone else out there.


Anchorage may be lacking in the sunshine department, but their snowbiking trails are pretty stellar. Huge thanks to Sharon for taking me out.


Alaska: Colorado on steroids, without the 300 days of sunshine.



Pony likes it here.  Pony will also like it in the sands of the desert.


The finish of the prolog of the actual Iditarod.  The doggies are soooo stinkin’ cute.




More Anchorage snow biking.  This place looks way different in the winter than the summer.


There is blue sky in Anchorage!  And with enough Vitamin I, I could even pull off a post ITI birthday ride!


There is magic here.  I can’t wait to come back.


The Great Race.  Eric made skiing look fun and firmly smoked us in the speed category.  Luckily, he fed us brownies afterwards.

Recovery has been a bit rough this past week.  The body finally gave up the resistance to the Crud that I had been OCD in avoiding leading up to AK.  I guess it was inevitable, race ITI, take a red-eye home from Anchorage, teach sick kids for two days…yeah.  Today has been the first day that my head hasn’t been in a fog since…well, since I woke up ITI start morning.  I can always tell when mental recovery takes a big step forward because I start getting excited about the next set of adventures instead of bemoaning the list of Life Chores that I have to catch up on.  In celebration, I packed up 90% of my winter gear for the year, tucked away in a box, not to be touched again until 2014.  I’m so ready for spring and warmth.  This next month is going to be good, Tucson, Prescott, Fruita, oh my…as soon as I can kick this stupid Crud.  Goooooo immune system!


2 thoughts on “The AK sideshows

  1. I really enjoyed your ITI Race Report! It was nice to get a glimpse into what you were thinking, it sounded like a really tough race and I’m glad you got to break the record in the end! You are a fierce competitor!!!

    • Ez! Is it my imagination or has that pup got the eye on all your left over food??

      Spring has sprung gal!

      Great effort on the ITI. NOW… you KNOW!



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