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So my bike got stolen yesterday.  My black Waltworks.  Tour Divide bike.  In broad daylight off of the CU campus.  I saw it when I left for lunch.  I said ‘Hi Pony!’  It was gone when I got off of work.  I’ve been told I shouldn’t ride a nice bike on campus because it’ll get stolen.  I feel like that’s saying that I shouldn’t walk around in the dark because I might get attacked and raped because I’m a girl.  I call bullshit on all of that. Be decent, fellow humans.

I hope Pony comes back.


It got me thinking though, because I’ve slowly been working through my ‘stuff’ with the approach of summer and trying to practice non-attachement.  And I’ll admit, I’ve been struggling a little bit, especially with things of sentimental value.

So then I walk out to an empty bike rack yesterday and my stomach dropped.  Where’s my bike?!

But I’m also a big believer that everything happens for a reason.  I was lamenting that of all the things that I could have gotten stolen, why my bike?!  Why the thing that means to the most to me of all my physical belongings? That bike took me through the Tour Divide!


But maybe that’s the lesson.  Anything else wouldn’t have been quite the strike to the gut.  Car stolen?  That’s what insurance is for.  Computer?  Pictures gone, and expensive, but replaceable.  Any of my other junk?  Not worth anything. But the bike…that hurts.  But…in the end, it’s just a ‘thing’.  A wonderful, amazing thing that I hope finds its way home, but holds no value in the light of good health, family, love, friends, and experiences.

Maybe this is the kick in the ass I need to get working on making a little project possible for 2014.  There’re a few big rides to be done, a cold one, a hot one, a really long one, and my favorite one of all.


Ready, set, LIFE.  GO!

And I hope that whoever stole my bike doesn’t realize that the brakes need to be pumped to work, slices the rear tire with no sidewall left, and realizes that the fork doesn’t compress not because it’s locked out, but because it’s completely blown out.  And I hope they cross chain it with the medium cage derailleur on there and get the chain so stuck it has be broken to get it undone.  Only Ez can ride Ez bikes!


3 thoughts on “Non-attachment

  1. Such a bummer about your Divide bike. I had to laugh at “Only Ez can ride Ez bikes.” I often neglect my bikes so much that they develop little idiosyncrasies that I barely notice until someone else rides my bike. Just the other day Beat took my Moots to work and came home and bought new brakes for it because apparently the old ones were a hazard.

    And your 2014 plan … damn. I’m awestruck. That goes above and beyond any endurance feat I’ve daydreamed about and I’m sure you also plan to do it with speed and style. Looking forward to watching it unfold.

  2. It is a bummer your pony is gone. Though, I was hoping, and you did get around to, “But…in the end, it’s just a ‘thing’.” Given all the Ez bike idiosyncrasies you’d mentioned, I hope karma slaps the thief up side the head with one or all of them.

  3. Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen. You’ll get a new better bike and make even greater achievements with it.

    Sorry you had to loose your bike, My first real Mnt Bike got stolen, it only cost $150 but I was crushed. My next bike was better tho.

    Trust the Universe to take care of those who take what is not given.

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