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Defining Moments

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Hindsight is a funny thing.  We spend all this time thinking about defining moments in our lives, graduations, big purchases, big moves, big decisions, only to look back and realize that those had very little bearing on our overall life outcomes and it was some silly little conversation, chance encounter, or bike ride that would set the stage for major life changes years down the road.


Back in 2011, Scott and I had a conversation like that on Facebook.  It went something along the lines of this:

Me: Are you in Salida for reals?

Scott: Yep.

Me: Cool.  It snowed in Crested Butte.  I want to ride and watch this movie showing over there. I’ll be there in two hours.


And so on Scott’s second day in Colorado for 2011, I led a ride where we ‘climbed a while’, didn’t get rained on but did get snowed on, and then watched a movie behind Absolute Bikes that started an Airstream obsession that exists to this day.


I didn’t think much of the ride at the time, besides that it was a lot of fun and I was pretty glad that Scott and I were still on talking terms after he nearly froze his Tucson-softened tail off in the snow.  But, with the hindsight of two years, it was the ride that started a real friendship, a summer of amazing riding, and one could argue, led, directly or indirectly, to our ride this Saturday.

Now, two years later, on Scott’s first day back to Colorado for the summer of 2013, we went back to do the same ride, under far different life circumstances.


We rode North Backbone.  We climbed for a while.  And then we giggled our way down Cottonwood, taking some new trails back to town, new trails that I had ridden with Beautywild when she had proclaimed that we could fit everything we wanted in our lives between our thumbs and forefingers.  I couldn’t help thinking about much of the wisdom that Beautywild and I had discussed on those trails: That in the end, we can get everything that we want, it’ll just never show up in the way we expect it to.


When the Beautywild speaks, one should probably listen.

And so it begins.  Summer 2013.  Ready, go.


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