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Right Place, Right Time

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I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason.  Not really in the sense that the Universe has everything planned out, but that I really shouldn’t fret when things don’t go as I had imagined them going, because generally I either need to learn a lesson, or there is something bigger and better about to happen.


I had envisioned a relatively early departure for the desert on Thursday morning and an afternoon ride in Moab.  But then life happened and I’m not really sure what happened to the morning.  When we did finally hit the road, we still had stops to make at the post office, to drop a piece of cake and some shoes off for Jj, and then the required lunch stop in Glenwood for burritos.  Plus, we had minimal food and water loaded in the car, so a grocery stop also had to happen at some point in time.  Needless to say, we arrived in Fruita well after five.


Camp here, ride here, make the push to Moab in the morning?  Not part of the plan, but why not?


I schemed up an out-and-back on Western Rim, with the option of looping it with Kokopelli if our out-and-back alarms went off.  We put lights on bikes, a little bit of water in bottles, and pedaled down the road, already in the shade.  We expected to only get glimpses of the sun throughout the ride, but that was okay, we were in the desert, riding bikes, completely content with life.


But then we went a little bit east, away from Westwater Mesa and the setting sun reappeared.  Golden hour.  Shadows long. We dropped into the Rim, following the contouring trail from the shaded eastern aspects to the glowing western aspects, continually expecting the sun to leave us for good.  But it never did, and after our turn around, the sky exploded.  I have no words.  Only pictures.





Right place, right time? Or did the Universe really just put the show on, just for us?


We rolled back, turning our lights on for the final 20 minutes.  Dinner was simple, as life seems to be when external distraction are removed, some heated up  soup.  Sleep was simple, an air mattress, yoga mat, sleeping bag, and a luxurious pillow.  The night sky filled with seven million stars. Beautifully simple, simply beautiful.


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