Zen On Dirt

Injury Silver Lining


I came off the AZT injured.

I didn’t really think much of it at the time…a sore knee. After 50-some odd hours of pedaling, joints are allowed to be sore.

Two weeks off the bike for ‘recovery’ had me forgetting about it.

A little hour spin reminded me it was there.  Riding some rocks told me something wasn’t quite right.  A day of chunk riding that involved downhill hike-a-bike ruined me.  I rode stuff simply because it hurt too bad to walk.  I fessed up to LW when I got home.

I’m hurt.


She told me, ‘I told you so’ with regards to my blowing off quad/glute work in exchange for yoga all winter.  Then she told me that I probably needed another week of recovery anyhow.  She, again, was right.

I went through every range of emotions during the last two weeks.  The good, the bad, and the really ugly.  I threatened myself with retiring from bike racing.


Today, I got the go-ahead to do a wicked hard set of intervals.  A workout that I normally despise.

Today, I loved every single pedal stroke.  I loved fighting the black dots clouding my vision for the last 10 seconds of each effort.  I relished the conscious effort to not puke on the side of the road when each one was done.


Pre-injury, I was grumping out about ‘training’ this summer.  Maybe, once again, the Universe gave me exactly what I needed, it just wasn’t in the form that I was expecting.  Maybe I won’t retire from bike racing after all…I’ve got an abusive trail of a girlfriend who needs tending to.


2 thoughts on “Injury Silver Lining

  1. Very glad to see that you are on the comeback trail and NOT retiring from racing your bicycle. 🙂

  2. Maybe more quad/glute workouts would have allowed you to avoid the injury, but I think yoga helps me cope with the setbacks that inevitably happen in life. I’m also glad you are on the comeback.

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