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Today, I Rode


I really went into the swimming business with the best possible attitude that I could muster.  I lasted exactly four swims before I cracked.  On swim four I hesitated jumping in: It was cold, it was wet, I don’t like water and exactly 33 minutes later I extracted myself from the water and swore Never Again.  The knee wasn’t making any significant progress with the laissez-faire attitude we were trying, so I decided to make use of my access to my favorite orthopedic surgeon, even though he was a four and a half hour drive away.

I was sick of being hurt and while I was doing my best to not let my inner grumpiness manifest itself outwardly, I knew I wasn’t being the most pleasant person to be around.


When I got the call from Dr. Griggs’ office yesterday morning saying that they could fit me in that afternoon, I jumped at the opportunity.  200 miles later, I found myself back in Crested Butte, which was an interesting experience in itself.  I had somewhat hoped to slip in and out unnoticed, but when the entire population is 1,500 people, I’m fairly sure that that is impossible.  It was weird being back, I don’t really have a better description than that.

In to see Dr. Griggs and tell him the story of Stupid Knee.  He pushed and prodded until he found the spots that made me jump off the table in pain.  He gave me his diagnosis.  He put me on a plan that we’re both hoping will fix me so I don’t have to throw more money at the problem.  He tested my glute strength and told me that surely, I could try harder to resist motion.  I couldn’t.  Apparently I have dismally weak glute muscles which is part of the reason my knee probably couldn’t recover from AZT silliness.  (Lesson: Listen to your coach!)

Then he sent me down to see Trent at Heights Physical Therapy in Gunni.  Turns out, Trent was my next door neighbor while living in CB and (surprise!) he made the connection far sooner than I did.  He saw me after hours where I once again told the story of Stupid Knee.  He had me go through a Functional Movement Screening, diagnosed me as fairly terribly imbalanced and not only with dismal glute strength, but horrendous core strength as well (Lesson: Listen to your coach!).  So one imbalance leads to the next, and here I am in my current predicament.  He then poked me with some needles, made my muscles spasm, and sent me on my way. (Lesson: Dry needling and functional PT is really cool)

Both gave me the clearance to ride, gently.  So today I did: Nearly 10 miles on country roads in a little over an hour.  It felt like flying.  Here’s to hoping I really am back on the path to recovery.


3 thoughts on “Today, I Rode

  1. E. Horrendous glut and core strength??? I hate to see comparison to other ladies. Hope it gets felling good and you don’t have to get wet. And you were in town and didn’t let anyone know??

  2. Poor glute and core strength is really common in cyclists, especially mtbers, sounds so familiar.
    Glad you can gently ride again.

  3. I was constantly grappling with knee issues before I took up running. My problem was imbalance in my quad muscles (underdeveloped on one side, overdeveloped on the other.) Slow running seems to have helped me gain balance without the physical therapist recommended core and strength exercises that I was no good at sticking to. I’m sure I still have a weak core, but thanks to cross training, my chronic knee injury (Doctor actually diagnosed it as osteoarthritis) hasn’t bothered me for almost three years.

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