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Planning is Guessing

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“Want to do a Trans-Colorado tour this fall?” I asked Scott yesterday. “Boulder to Grand Junction?”

“Ummm…sure! Should we end in Durango to pick up your car instead?”


Post Leadville, climbing towards Searle Pass. Scott’s knee hurt after his Mt. Elbert ride. I didn’t argue over turning around, but it sure did feel good to ride trail again.

I had finally called it an end to my 2013 racing season, knowing that even if I figured out exactly what was keeping me from riding for more than an hour without being completely exhausted, I’d still be pretty much hosed for any thing else this year.

It was a sad email to write for a second year in a row, ‘Hey Tom, I’m sick. No Vapor Trail 125 for me.’


Seeking inspiration on Winter Park trails that I’ve been riding for 15 years.

I’d gotten cheated out of fall riding last year from being sick. For the second half of August, it was looking like a repeat dud fall.

No mojo. No energy. I went four days without touching a bike and didn’t miss it at all.

I proposed to LW that I invoke a freebie day training and go in search of mojo. I was going to give Scott’s Wasatch 100 a try, figuring that even if I dropped out after eight hours, I’d still get a night of full moon riding. LW proposed that I get a blood test done instead.

“You shouldn’t be this tired two weeks after Leadville.” (And what she didn’t say was, ‘You shouldn’t have ridden that slow at Leadville either.’)


This area was clearcut five or six years ago as part of Winter Park’s fire mitigation plan. I thought it was done for. It’s growing back, slowly but surely. 

Three vials of blood lighter with some quality people watching at Utah InstaCare, I’m delving down the rabbit hole of the healthcare system. Where I’ll end up, nobody knows.

But what I do know is that if I have any semblance of energy this fall, I’m going to milk it for all that it’s worth because summer is too short to be spent on the couch.


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