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Return to Western Rim

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Coincidences always make me laugh, especially those that I don’t really realize until long after the fact. Sometimes I don’t believe in the ability of the Universe to tell me things through coincidences, that they really are just that, matters of chance. And then other times I laugh at the irony.

After spending three days flat on my back after Leadville, feeling fairly close to death, Scott and I pointed the Sportsvan towards Salt Lake to visit his family. We’d been promising to come up since the end of May, but we’d never managed to make it happen, and it was starting to get to be end-of-summer crunch time. Eight hours seemed like a long drive to do in one shot, and I was really missing my dually which I had left in Durango, so we arranged to meet Cat in Junk-town with my bike. She went through the hassle of getting my keys and loading my bike in Durango, in exchange she got to drive my car to GJ for a river trip instead of her partially functional vehicle. Brilliant!


And when in GJ, one must ride, so we pulled into our favorite spot in Rabbit Valley and laid the sleeping bag out under the stars with the intent of doing a sunrise ride on Western Rim. We actually got up before the sun, ate a quick breakfast, and headed out. I thought of how triumphant I would feel if a) my knee didn’t hurt and b) I finally started to feel better.


Our Western Rim ride this spring on our way to Moab was the start of the downfall of my knee. My interval ride at Rabbit Valley on our way home from Moab that trip was when I first admitted that I had a knee problem.

I wanted to stand out on the overlooks on the rim, hold my arms up, and say ‘I’m healed! I did it!’


Unfortunately, my knee started hurting pretty early in the ride, something that it hadn’t done since long before pre-Leadville, and I still felt like ass. D’oh!

The ride was still beautiful and it made me appreciate that even if everything hurt and each hill seemed completely insurmountable, I could still turn off the bike-racer in me and simply enjoy the view.


We drove out of there, sore knee and completely exhausted, and I had the same sinking feeling that I had when I drove out of there last spring, that quite possibly my riding was going to have to be scaled back for a little bit.


I hate it when gut feelings are right.


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