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Trail Magic

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Here are the facts: It was a Sunday afternoon. We went for a ride in the Tortolitas. We found Larabars and Larabar Alts on sale for $1 at Fry’s and bought nearly $100 worth. The check-out person was not amused. We rode up the main road, took a left and followed Wild Mustang to Javalina and then rode pavement, in the dark, back to the car.

What isn’t in the facts is the magic that we found out there. I was expecting just another Tucson ride, but we found so much more.


We found smooth, contouring trail


We found steep, rocky trails


We found little, medium, and big mountains


We found big views


We found magic saguaros shooting rainbows into the sky


We found plants that I couldn’t dream up even if I used every iota of my imagination


We found textures in the sky that created the classic cactus silhouettes


We found the most brilliant colors in the sky as the sun disappeared for another night


And we got to ride our bikes through all of it



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