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Photo Dump: Round 1

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I’ve officially decided that I take too many photos…it’s a little overwhelming to even go through them. It’s a rough problem to have…I know. But, photos aren’t going to do anyone any good just sitting on my memory card, so I’m proud to present: Things I saw from Lordsburg to Silver City. Part II coming in the future.


Scott finally got a smartphone. Let’s all give him a round of applause for entering the 21st century. He rigged up a system that he can do a good amount of work with a mini keyboard and his phone. Officially presenting Trackleaders mobile programming headquarters in Lordsburg, NM.


Roger Payne was the one to drive us to nearly the border. HIs family had been in the area since his grandfather and he had countless stories to tell. He pointed out various landmarks on our drive down, including his house with the red roof that we’d spot from various directions on our way back to, through, and after Lordsburg. Good people, and we’re unbelievably appreciative for the ride down.


The “official” (whatever that means on this trail ruled by anarchy) start of the CDT is at Crazy Cook. Legend has it that a survey crew was down working on the border and two of the men complained about the food. The cook killed them. Apparently in cold blood if you read the inscription on the memorial.


Less than a 100 feet from the memorial is the official start of the trail. It felt like an adventure just getting there. We had lunch by the border gate, that apparently used to be a fence but the border patrol got tired of repairing it every time it got cut down.


These are goat-cow hybrids. They had cow bodies and goat heads, and were curious enough about us to trot along with us until we stopped to stare. We stared at them for a little while while Scott pondered the feasibility of breeding a goat with a cow. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t amount to much. Big Hatchet mountains in the background.


After climbing away from Lordsburg, our one water stop for the day was the Co-op windmill. Solar powered, the water was delicious. We stopped to eat my mango that I’d carried to and from the border for lunch. We were shaded from the sun and finally settling into a touring rhythm.


It’s always good to see bikes acknowledged on the CDT. For much of the south, there were signs saying CDT: Hikers and equestrians. Turns out, it’t pretty good on a bike too!


The big cross country section south of Lordsburg was awesome. We were fretting flat tires and lots of hike-a-bike. Neither materialized and the lack of trail led to feeling really out there.


The Bike House in Silver City deserves a post of its own. That may or may not happen, but regardless, Ben was cooking 24 loaves of bread for a wedding in the afternoon. They smelled delicious and we were amazed that there are still places that open their doors to any passing cyclist and welcome them with open arms.

We’ve found loads of friendly people, a stark contrast to how I remember southern New Mexico the last time I came through the area. There’s also tons of delicious food…I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of New Mexico green chili.

Yeah touring!


One thought on “Photo Dump: Round 1

  1. I know going through a lot of pictures are a chore but I love seeing them and I hope you don’t cut back any. In fact I would love to see more. This is a great way to document your trip.

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