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CDT Tour: Day 11 and 12

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I have to admit, not a whole lot of note has happened in the past 48 or so hours. I take that back, lots has happened in the sense that there’s a whole lot more to this tour than just pedaling bikes.

We woke up in our duffy camping spot warm and content. With the moon getting smaller and rising later, we’re sleeping better and better. We knew that we were just a short ways away from Grants, and knowing Grants, we were’t in that huge of a hurry to get there.

We had breakfast, which consisted of this treat left by someone in the hiker box at the Toaster House.


I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to spread it on something. We ate it with a spoon.

It really was a pleasant, 95% downhill coast/soft pedal down to Grants. We made haste towards Cafecito at the recommendation of Tim, the BLM guy. While breakfast may have sugared us out, we were still hungry.


Knowing that we’d be holed up for a few days due to weather and work, we opted for a slightly nicer hotel than the Sands where Scott had stayed 10 years ago, and the Southwest, where I’d stayed during the race.

Somehow, we wiggled our way into a suite with a king sized bed for the price of a normal room with a queen.

We made a post office run to pick up the laptops and returned to the room to work. I guess I can’t complain…if Scott can run two different businesses from the road by sitting in front of a real computer two days out of every two weeks, I can suck it up and make some money while on tour too. Apparently I have expensive tastes…king sized bed and all.

Day 12

Woke up. Ate a huge continental breakfast. Did laundry. Worked. Watched it rain. Exciting, eh?

We did spy someone working on a bike in the hotel next to us, so we went over to investigate. Turns out, it was the two women whos tracks we’d followed through the Gila. It was their first bike tour and had decided that Grants was as far as they were going this time. They seemed motivated to put their newfound knowledge about touring to good use in the future.

I’ve also gone through a bunch of photos, so I’ll be doing a photo dump sometime in the near future. Lots of cool things to be seen out here.

Plans are still up in the air for continuing. The route climbs up to 11,000+ feet from here and the forecast has unsettled weather for the next 48 hours…so we’ll see what the sky is doing in the morning. Riding bikes is better than working…but getting soaked up high sucks pretty bad too. We shall see.


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