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B-roll: Photos from Grants to Ghost Ranch

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I by no means consider myself a photographer with any level of skill above “hack”. My general technique is to take a bunch of photos and cross my fingers that some of them will turn out.

I’ve already shared many of the photos that tell the story of our trip thus far, but I have a bunch of B-roll ones, the ones capturing random moments of the trip that don’t make the cut when sitting in a sleeping bag and sorting through the day photos.

So I present: Stuff that catches my attention and I stop long enough to take a photo of.


This was at the top of the first section of climbing out of Grants. I was so happy for flat ground, even if it was temporary. Come to think of it, the few miles after I took this picture really were the only flat miles of the entire day.


It struck fear into my heart. For good reason.


Mt Taylor is considered a holy mountain by the Indians in the area. With 360 degree views, we could see north to ABQ, south towards Pie Town, and other directions into areas that have yet to be explored by us.


Cool trees. Sort of felt like an enchanted forest with goblins and gnomes.


The cattle tank at the Ojo Frio spring. Some thru hikers claimed that the water came out clear, but we figured we’d take our chances with the covered tank with the dead lizard in it.


Long days in the sun require post-lunch siestas. Scott picked up some SPF 5,000 sunscreen in Pie Town and acquired the trail name of Chief Whiteface.


It left us both with a headache the next morning. El Bruno Cafe in Cuba…you did good.


Every time we go out for breakfast, I get huevos rancheros. The Cuban Cafe served up the best ones so far, and trust me, I’ve had some good huevos. I think El Cafecito in Grants is a close second.


Climbing out of Cuba Scott said: What’s that?

I replied: A blue object in the middle of the road.

It turned out to be a six giant avocados and a can of tomato paste in a blue bag. I picked up two of them and said, “I want to take them all!”

Scott said: Go right ahead, you’re carrying them.

I took two.


I have the greatest set of photos of Scott going over and under trees and fences. Rarely does he look graceful.


Flora and fauna on the Canones National Recreation Trail. Nature is amazing.


Abiquiu lake singletrack. We went and talked to the rangers after riding half of the loops and before going to Bode’s General Store. By the time we came back, they’d done some fresh trail work. If you’re in the area, go check it out.


Flora and fauna at Ghost Ranch. I’ve never seen a moth that big, and there were half a dozen of them hanging out on the wall next to the bench where the internet was best. Imagine waking up to that in your tent!


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