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Photos: Paradise to Paradise…Ghost Ranch to Durango

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Scott and I were sitting by the Animas River the other afternoon, watching the setting sun reflect off the ripples and measuring the progress of a solo pontoon boater who was having to stop and pull his boat out of the river every 50 yards or so to re-inflate it when I mentioned that it was such a bummer that we didn’t have enough memory storage as humans to remember all the sublime and perfect moments like that one.

I guess that’s part of the reason I take pictures – to at least jog my memory about the moments of perfection, or non-perfection, as often the case is.

Either way, more b-roll photos from Ghost Ranch to our temporary home base here in Durango.


Several hikers asked us how we got up the trail out of Ghost Ranch. Our answer: The same way you did. We walked.


The Brits. They left Ghost Ranch a few hours before us, took a bit of a detour (i.e. got lost), and were enjoying the view before a cross country section. Thru-hikers are funny, that’s our conclusion.




The clouds that caused us to set our tarp up for the first (and only) time. Turned out they were harmless in the end, but I sure slept better with a piece of nylon over me.


We picked up some oats from the hiker box in Ghost Ranch (and left a bunch of hot chocolate in exchange). Could you imagine prepackaging six months worth of oats like this? Yeah, I couldn’t either. Cinnamon, condensed milk, granola, raisins, and oh yeah, a small amount of oats. The second package of oats had two baggies of raisins…keeping things interesting! (said from me who puts anything from pudding to Reeces Pieces in her oats in the morning) But in all seriousness, whoever left the oats, Thanks!


We’ve decided that we function better with a “real” lunch every day. Calorie packed, delicious, and only semi-perishable. Good use of the avocados that we found on the way to Ghost Ranch.


Only 20 miles of trail to ride to Chama? What’s the rush? Turn on the music and enjoy the morning sun.


Grace in motion.


Creative cooking using up the last of our fuel and the last of our food heading towards Chama.


I left Chama with two apples and a grapefruit. That’s better than Pagosa Springs, which I left with four apples and an orange. I didn’t tell Scott about that one until he started to question my seemingly unlimited supply of fruit.


“We call it Lucky Acres because we realize how lucky we are to live here.”

Thanks for hosting us Dave and Bev! It was a glorious couple of days off the trail.


We ran into Ben and Brother of Ben in Platoro, one with a moto and one with a bike. We warned them of snow as they took off up the hill. We caught them as they were attempting to shovel through the first snow drift. We’re curious to know what happened to them…


Flora and fauna. I can’t wait for wildflower season to go into full swing as we cross CO.


File under cool stuff on the trail.

It’s been a lovely week in Durango but the feet are definitely getting itchy. Giddy-up time is on the horizon.


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