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CDT Day 45 – Fun and games riding into, through, and out of BV

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There are all sorts of days while out touring – good single track days, amazing views days, good food town days, and then there are days that are just plain fun from start to finish. Today was one of those plain ol’ fun days.

We slept till 8, which is a pretty amazing feat given that the sun comes up at 5:30 or so and a series of trucks and hikers came by our campsite on their way to summit Mt. Princeton. I’d wake up to hear footprints and conversation and be back asleep before they were out of earshot.

Waking up late meant that it was warm. I love warm mornings.


We ate our Don Miguel burritos that we’d picked up at the Princeton store the night before and were soon on our way. In front of us – 10 miles of some of the most flowy trail on the CT. It’s classic Chafee County CT – climb to 10k, then drop back down. Some rocks to keep it interesting, but mostly just silly good fun. It ended far too soon and we were on the road down to Buena Vista, reminiscing about previous rides in the area.

Our first stop in town was the Roadrunner food cart, owned and operated by our friend John and his girlfriend. We lucked out to find him there and he pointed us to the Evergreen diner for breakfast. We promised to return at 5 when he opened for dinner.



Breakfast – divine.

The sun was still scorching when we left around noon and we made a bee line for the river for a swim. By the time we got there, five minutes later, clouds had moved in and it was starting to spit rain. We soaked our feet anyhow but soon found ourselves under a gazebo taking naps while listening to the rain on the metal roof above and the raging river below.


When sleep had been had, we made our way back downtown to find some lunch. K’s or Eddyline…look! Bikepacking rigs in front of Eddyline. Let’s go there. We found four nearly matching Yeti’s decked out with Revelate bags.

“I bet it’s Joey and his crew,” I declared.


Sure enough, cozied up to the bar was a friend from college and three of his buddied, currently best known for their Peru bikepacking film that showed at the Banff Film Festival. They were at it again, this time on the Colorado Trail. We talked trail conditions up north and we told them to enjoy Sargents. It’s been really cool to watch Joey’s bike riding trajectory from downhiller to bikepacking film maker.

After eating pizza and sampling their version of a raspberry wheat beer, we did a quick grocery run before ending up at the library for internet services and outlets to charge phones.

It was 5 before we knew it and we headed over to Roadrunner to meet Kep and family for dinner. Delicious fish tacos and sweet potato fries. Business was hopping, it was cool to see.


We rolled out of town to try to get a head start on the monsoonal weather that the weather forecast is promising. 15+ miles on dirt roads (and a little bit of highway) has us camped on the side of the road. Tomorrow, Hope Pass and on to Leadville for some Mountain Pies.



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