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CDT 40, 41, and 42 – Salida love

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There’s something super-awesome to waking up to a zero day. It’s like a vacation or a weekend. From bike touring. Spoiled rotten. I know. I own it.

The beauty of Salida is that you can walk anywhere. And so we did. I commented that it was nice to be walking instead of pedaling…and then I thought about all the walking we did on Sargents Mesa and all of a sudden walking didn’t sound all that appealing any more. Nonetheless, we walked down to Rise and Shine bakery. We walked to the store. We picked up our bounce box. We stopped by Absolute Bikes for no other reason than to chat.


I’m not sure how we’ve managed to meet so many wonderful people who call Salida home, but it seemed that we got to meet up with everyone over the course of three days.


Some events to note:

-Tom made us pesto sausage rolls and we spent a wonderful evening drinking beer, eating ice cream, and hanging out with Vicki the dog. Thanks Tom!

– We rode North Backbone on Friday after two days of rest. That trail never disappoints, even though we both ended up with flat-ish tires. We went and soaked in the river afterwards, going for full immersion to combat the heat.


– Tom was hosting the Warrior Hikers for a night and was having a BBQ. We went back over for brats, chips, meeting up with Grayhound, Dude, Trouble, and NO2. We also met with the director of the CDT Coaltion and Scott talked trail access. It’s a heated issue, that from my perspective is driven by the Backcountry Horseman. Funnily enough, we’ve seen exactly one horse out there in the 1,500 miles that we’ve been out there. It’s troubling. Reminds me of Boulder trail politics.

– We watched the fireworks. The first time in three years that CO has been wet enough to have them.

– We visited the ducks.


– We worked. Being able to make money while on the trail definitely eases the financial strain of this trip.

– We put new chains on the bikes. I put on new front brake pads.

– We saw and hung out with tons of people we love.

Every time I leave Salida, it’s like leaving home. Always sad, but I always know I’ll come back.


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