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More B-roll photos from Durango to Buena Vista. That feels like so long ago…


We’d end up riding most of the CT, taking the trail to Summit County. Except that we were doing CT+ … CT + the hike-a-bike from Monarch Pass to Clear Creek Pass. It would have been so much easier to just descend Fooses…


Oh Indian Ridge, how I love thee? This was my fourth time up there and first time I wasn’t getting shit-stormed on. Celebration!


The purple and golds were going off. The reds were still budding. Yay flowers on the CT!


“We don’t go very fast or very far. The asses can only handle about 10 miles a day. But we eat really well.”


“Does this make you uncomfortable?”

“Yes. Snow is slippery.”

Scott is totally afraid of snow crossings.


“You can’t fit the bikes in the room. You can put them in the shed in the back.”

“I think we can make them fit.”


Top of Stoney Pass. Scott is 6’1″. We were scared.


CT sections 22/23 have the best cairns in the business.


“Don’t worry, I collapsed the snow bridge for you. My feet were already wet.”


Sky painters at work. As seen from the CT Friends yurt.


How many souls has this climb crushed? Mine, three times.


As seen at Boneshakers Cycles in Buena Vista. Apparently a gal named Eszter used to be fast. Fast is fun…maybe I’ll get fast again next year. Maybe.


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