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CDT Photos! Buena Vista to Winter Park

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We’ve been hanging in Winter Park for nearly a week now, catching up on work, going to the hot tub nearly every day, putting four new tires on the bikes, and all in all, being fairly to mostly lazy. It’s also rained nearly every day, last night we got hit by a major deluge at sunset, so we’ve been enjoying the roof over our heads immensely.

Tomorrow, we head to Grand Lake, then on to Steamboat, and then we bid CO goodbye for some unknown trail and exploration in WY.


Leaving BV, we ended up camping on a pullout of what we thought would be a deserted dirt road. What we didn’t realize was that we were on the road to Missouri Mt, a 14’er. The 5am crew passed by and woke us up. We fell in line with the cars headed up for a 7am start. And we got passed by a number of cars that had hoped for a 5am start but had slept through their alarm.


The Super-freak climbs. Seriously, the higher the trail is, and the steeper it is, the giddier he gets.


Cjell Mone – “I’m starting to understand the beauty of the 20 tooth chainring.”


Flower child.


It was a beautiful morning in Dillon, but we were ready to get on the trail. Civilization and food is fun for a while, but riding trails is even better.


So enduro.


Whoops. Now that’s embarrassing.


Covered pony parking while we stuffed our faces with sweet potato fries in Georgetown.


That’s Scott’s photo. A bikepacker. On the CDT. Apparently the CDTA thought mountain bikes on the trail were a good idea before they dissolved. The new CDTC doesn’t agree with them.


My parents brought Maia, aka Miss Wiggles up to Winter Park. At 15+ years young, she’s starting to look a little frail. I was worried until I watched her try to attack another dog and pull like a pup on our walk. She hasn’t changed an iota in the past 11 years.


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