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CDT Day 61 – Clark and into Wyoming!

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Day 61

The big accomplishment for today: We made it to Wyoming. And a little beyond. And really, barely beyond, because once we hit the border, my legs decided that they wanted to be done for the day. After a 10 minute siesta on the side of the road, I coaxed another hour of riding out of them, which is good because we found camping water and a nice little campsite among living trees.

I can’t wait to get out of beetle kill territory.

And mosquito territory. If I had a nickel for every mosquito I’ve killed, I’d never have to work again.


We left our nice little campsite early enough to still be riding in jackets. The trail continued to be a beautiful little river trail, trending gently downwards through high vegetation. With trail like that, we could cover endless miles. We’d also be bored silly after about an hour.

We rejoined the GDMBR 11 miles shy of the Clark Store. The Clark Store is like a Bode’s, has everything, food is great, and you never want to leave. Unfortunately, when racing SoBo on the GDMBR, Steamboat is a mere 20 some odd miles away, so there’s really no reason to indulge in all that Clark has to offer. Plus, chances are, you’ve just come off a massive feeding at Brush Mountain Lodge.


Today, we did. Huevos rancheros for breakfast, some interneting time, the weekly call to my parents (my mom is on a mission to fatten Miss Maia up and has been treating her like the princess that she is, feeding her sausages and adding bacon fat or olive oil to her dog food. Old souls need to be treated with care, we decided.)

Then we walked out with $98 worth of groceries. Three days, two nights. I was a little skeptical that we’d have enough to get to Rawlins, but the hand cart was getting heavy!


When everything had found a home on our bikes or our bags, we headed up the road, now off the GDMBR. Aided by a tailwind, we made short work of the 9 miles up to the trailhead where we’d rejoin the CDT after detouring around the Zirkle Wilderness.


We’d been warned that the trail was open to motos and an overall moto’d out mess. I think our standards are getting lower because we thought it was fine. There were definitely some rubbled, steep climbs and descents, but for the most part, it was a lovely little trail. 1-track eventually turned to 2-track as it opened to ATV’s, and we spent the rest of the afternoon on the divide, climbing to every little high point available. Scott called them PUDs. Pointless up and downs. I called the small ones upsy daisies, the medium ones upsy doozies, and the hike-a-bike ones oofsy-doozies. There were a lot of each category, and while we were making decent time, we were both ready to be off the ATV road and onto an actual road. 20 miles of trail was just about perfect.


We descended down to the Wyoming state line, detouring around another Wilderness area, and since there wasn’t a sign signifying the change of state, we did a little happy dance to signify it instead.


We rolled along for a while, took a break to let me regroup, and then continued on until we found camp. The fire’s going. Mosquitos are getting killed. Dinner is eaten. Tomorrow, further into the unknown.


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