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CDT Day 73 – Into Montana! In the rain.

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Some days are for riding. Some days are for eating. Today was one of those eating days.

We woke up to cloudy skies in our Yellowstone campsite. The forecast was for rain, but we only 14 miles to pedal, so we were’t in any particular hurry. The other bikes slowly got up and as a group, we went over to the backdoor of the ranger station: Could we have some coffee, please?


In nice little ceramic mugs, we each got our Bean of Life juice. Except for the Swiss, who drank tea, and Scott, who’s still pretending to not drink coffee by only drinking mine. With the chilly temperatures, hot coffee was amazing. We made some oats and ate some donuts for breakfast.

By the time we’d finished packing up, it had started to rain and we all huddled under the tarps set up by the park rangers. Deciding it wasn’t going to get any better, we went out into the rain.


14 miles of mostly gradual downhill later, we found ourselves in West Yellowstone. Montana!

While it had stopped raining for most of the ride in, the drizzles were starting again. The hotel that we’d been directed to didn’t seem to have anyone home, so we went to the Old Time Cafe for breakfast. Scott started calling around to motels, not finding anything under $130. Ouch. But it seemed like the Yellowstone RV park and Cabins may have had some cheap cabins, but no one was answering the phone.

We rushed over to try to get a room, as West Yellowstone seems to fill up pretty quickly lodging-wise. They had a cabin for $100, including tax, by far the lowest we’d found.

We’ll take it. The rain poured down.

“It won’t be ready for at least another hour,” the owner told us.

We looked at each other. “I’m still hungry, are you?”


We headed over to the Running Bear Cafe for breakfast #3. After two more full breakfasts and an oreo shake, we were registering at 80% full. Something kicked our metabolisms up…maybe the multiple days of continuous pedaling instead of our normal pedal for a bit, carry over a log, pedal a bit more, push up a hill, pedal a bit more.


We picked up our box from the post office and headed back to a lovely little cabin. Wi-Fi, heat, and a roof to keep the rain off. We didn’t venture out for the rest of the day, and I was a-okay with that as the rain never really stopped.

This would be a terrible day for cyclotouring, we decided.

We’ll stay until the rain stops as we both have plenty of work that can get done. It’s nice to have stuff to do and to not just sit and watch bad TV all day.


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