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CDT Day 78 – Lakeside Lodge Layover

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Yeah. I screwed my day count up. I’m good at math.

We woke up the lovely Lakeside Lodge with a roof over our heads and warm, indoor air surrounding us. Unfortunately, Scott woke up with a debilitating headache. The kind that makes you nauseous and not want to get out of bed. I’m blaming it on dehydration…because if he did as dismal of a job at drinking in the rain as I did…well, bodies weren’t well hydrated.

I’m game for anything, I told him. The room isn’t too expensive, there’s plenty of work posted for me to do, and we have a hell of a view from the room.

He tossed and turned until half an hour before checkout.

Okay, I’ll go get the room for another night. The weather looked potentially crummy for the afternoon anyhow.


This place is awesome. I’m not sure what the story is with it, but it’s run by maybe five people, all of who act as bar tenders, motel front desk, waiters, and fish guides. The closed sign is always up, Rowdy the dog wanders everywhere, and all in all, the service is dismal, but the people are awesome. Almost like a serve-yourself lodge.

I finally tracked someone down, the youngin’ of the group, with Rowdy the Dog in tow and told him that we’d like to stay another night.

“Ummm…okay. Can you come back at dinner time to pay?”


I love this place.

Scott eventually got his headache under control enough to pedal to the nearest establishment serving lunch, five miles away. We found some ATV shortcuts and had a lovely ride through the woods.

Lunch was at another lodge (how has Colorado not caught onto this Lodge idea? It’s great!). The salads fresh and flavorful.

Me: Montana does salads way better than Wyoming.

Scott: We’re in Idaho.

Aren’t I dating a smarty-pants.

To make up for our extra day of snacking (and the entire box of Chips Ahoy cookies we’d eaten), we resupplied again at the gas station and headed back.


When we got sick of working, we decided swimming in the lake was the correct answer. There was a trampoline on the water that you could swim out to and we spent the better part of an hour bouncing around, jumping in to the water, and lazing in the sun.

Bike touring = awesome. Hanging out in cool places found while bike touring = even more awesome.

Dinner was eaten. Final touches on work finished. Tomorrow we lock and load. Big-ish peaks await! As does Lima Bean Town.


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