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CDT Day 88 – Leaving Jackson…finding chinks in the armor


Oof-da. This CDT business is hard. I knew that there’d be lasting repercussions for the Three Days of Starvation, but I secretly hoped that if I downed a giant helping of fish and chips for dinner and eggs, french toast, and hashbrowns for breakfast, somehow my glycogen stores would completely replenish themselves.

They didn’t. Thus, I spent today performing bonk avoidance and trying to not completely lose my shit near the end of the day. So it goes. I know I’m walking a fine line with the milage we’re trying to do between pushes and fatigue, so the slightest screw up causes major issues.


I slept until 9:30 in our giant king-sized bed. They had good shades and I took advantage of them. I could have slept longer…nearly 12 hours wasn’t quite enough.

We headed over to Rosie’s for breakfast, did our best to embrace the fact that nothing seems to move fast in small towns in Montana, ate, and headed back to pack up. The advantage of nothing moving fast is that no one cares if you run late, so we ended up rolling out I’m sure long after official check out time.


I nearly turned around 3 miles in. If rooms hadn’t been $120 a night (it did include day passes to the hot springs, but still), I might have. I could tell the needle was hovering just over empty.

But sometimes, you’ve just got to pedal to get to where you’re going, so that’s what I did, reminding myself that if there was anyone who was good at riding when tired, it was me. Once on trail, I put my faux-race face on and went. I figured I had one good effort in me, might as well make the most of it.


The trail was lovely. Fairly flat. Wooded. Perfect for low energy cruising. A reasonable climb brought us to a dozen beautifully constructed switchbacks down to Miners Creek. It was fairly obvious that someone(s) care deeply about this trail because it was in stellar condition.

After down always comes up. We rode 4 or so miles to a beautiful set of lakes in a giant cirque, and then the real climbing began, as did the unraveling. Tired. So tired of being tired.


After what seemed like an eternity to me, we crested the pass and a whole magical valley opened up to us. Scott was able to ride down the other side…I worked on my osteoperosis prevention and walked. Sigh. Getting pretty sick of downhill hike-a-bike. C’est la CDT.


We continued on, half looking for a campsite. Not finding one, we ended up climbing the next pass as well and descending the other side. By this time, we weren’t going to be picky with our campsites, so we’re nestled up next to a couple of big trees with the bike as another support for the tarp. The ground is sub-flat. Me thinks it’s going to be a cold night.

Tomorrow, more riding. Spectacular, I hope. And hopefully after a dinner of How to Train Your Dragon mac and cheese, rice and chocolate, all systems are going to be good to go. I hope. I hope very much.


3 thoughts on “CDT Day 88 – Leaving Jackson…finding chinks in the armor

  1. I’ve been following your journey and cheering you on every step of the way. I think what you are doing is spectacular. I wish you strength from the deepest of your reserves for this big push! Heather R

  2. Eszter you’re doing great. If it had been me suffering through the hangries, I probably would have curled up in a ball and stayed there until someone brought me a giant hamburger. You guys are getting closer and closer every day. It won’t be long now. Keep up the good work! And the blog posts are great šŸ™‚

  3. Especially stunning photography today. Nice to read about your journey from the armchair šŸ™‚

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