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CDT Day 94 – Escaping the Big Hole vortex! Onwards!

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I woke up, erm, tired. That’s a good word for it. Yesterday was the longest day we’ve done so far, both time and milage wise, and even though it was unloaded, it was hard.

We totally blew all of our recovery, we decided. But we also decided that more than needing physical recovery, we needed emotional recovery. We needed to do something other than slogging with heavy bikes, pushing up all the steep hills, and just sort of plodding. It was a lot of fun to ride at a higher than bikepacking pace, to push the hills a little bit, to actually get behind my saddle for descending (at least until I hooked my shorts trying to get back from behind the saddle…that didn’t end well, to ride long past normal stopping time because we had to get back.


We walked, bleary-eyed, over to The Crossing. “How was your ride?” the owner, Diane, asked. “Did you make it back for dinner?”

“Not even close!”

A couple of cups of coffee later, I was ready to go back to bed. Instead, we got a late checkout, wrote some blog posts, packed our stuff up, and finally left at 12:30. To the store for resupply. “I don’t want to eat any of this,” I whined. I’m sick of candy and gas station food.

There, I said it, I AM SICK OF CANDY!

Back to the Crossing for one last meal. 11th maybe? One final slice of pie. We thanked them for existing and for serving good food. And for having the best pie since Pie Town.


And you thought the lines were bad at bike races…

Had there been any dirt in our immediate future, I would have pushed for another zero, but we had 30 miles of flat pavement to get back on the trail, detouring the Pintlar Wilderness. That, I could handle.


We did our best to go slow, to spin, to make it as recovery as possible. We stopped at a campground 25 miles in for snacks and to watch the RV crowd before pushing on a few more miles to where we rejoined the trail. We found the first patch of trees, ate our burritos and sandwiches (fuel is on the low side…hopefully we can get dinner to cook tomorrow night), watched the sunset, and settled into our little grove of trees.



Tomorrow, into the Hungry Hills (seriously, awesome name), then hopefully across 1-15 and within striking distance of Butte where we have our box waiting and a bike shop for new bits and pieces. The bikes are getting a little tired…


High-five! We made it out of Wisdom!


Frozen burritos and a romantic sunset


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