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CDT Day 112 – To the finish!


We finished today!!!!

I’m tired.


We woke up to an alarm this morning, which is always a bummer. Loaded our bikes, headed over to breakfast, ate some delicious french toast, and coasted over to the trail head, locking our bikes together next to a pole.


And we hiked. The trail climbed (of course it did, it’s the CDT, sort of) and was covered in a sheet of ice, perfect for us hiking in bike shoes. We moved as fast as we could through the ice, which turned to snow, which turned to dirt, and then back to snow.


It ended up being a 5.8 km hike out to the border, taking us right around two hours.

We did a happy dance at the border marker and took a bunch of pictures.


We sat down for a snack and soon heard voices coming from the other direction. Hikers!


Beaker, Wolverine, Snowplow, Northern Strider were just finishing their hike, three of them their Triple Crown. They were pretty stoked. We took their pictures, they took ours.


When I couldn’t feel my feet any more (bike shoes aren’t exactly meant for tromping around in the snow), we took off, back towards Waterton. To get the core temperatures back up, we ran as much as we could through the melting snow, a decision I’m sure we’re going to regret when we can’t walk tomorrow, but it was totally worth it at the time.


We treated ourselves to lunch at the Prince of Wales Hotel, but didn’t splurge for the $30 afternoon tea, even though they had a harp player playing.

We took a shuttle up to the border, they let us back into the US of A and we waited for the next shuttle to come, the one that said we couldn’t take bikes when we called to make reservations.

“Sure, we can totally fit the bikes in the back,” said the driver.



He took us, Beaker, and Chili and Pepper who’d finished at Chief Mountain, all the way back to East Glacier where we’re currently stuck without a rental car…they say Monday, but to call back in the morning.

We may end up taking a train to Whitefish tomorrow night if there’s no rental car and trying to rent from there.

Definitely ready to get home…


3 thoughts on “CDT Day 112 – To the finish!

  1. Congratulations on a great adventure! It was fun following along.

  2. Congratulations! What a trip. Really enjoyed your posts of the experience, and all the ups and downs (literally and figuratively!) that you shared.

  3. Congratulations for pulling it off! I hope you and Scott are planning co-author a book about this, for others who want to follow in your tracks. (Not me. 😉 ) But it was fun to follow the adventure.

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