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Desert in the Springtime


Scott and I went out on a little 3-ish day bikepack in the Gila Canyons this past week. March is Gila Canyons season and this trip, minus the heinous wind that sent us scurrying for the car on the third day, measured up to all of the great Gila Canyons trips of the past.


You see, March is flower season at 1,300 feet next to a river. The poppies were in full bloom.


As were the purples. Dotting the side of the trail every which way you looked.


Flowers are great and all, but saguaros are my favorite plant in souther AZ. Prickly pears I can take or leave. Cholla I could do without. Catclaw can take a hike. But the mighty saguaros…it’s love. I especially like the ones with fancy headdresses.


If I were this saguaro hanging out in the Gila Canyons, I’d be giving life two thumbs up, too.


Sometimes rocks get jealous and like to pretend that they’re saguaros too.


A golf course in the desert. Good for one month per year. Great views are an added bonus.


Temperatures warm enough for light sleeping bags also mean temperatures warm enough for snakes. This bull snake was a beauty.


Some saguaros want to give you a high-five. Or maybe catch a baseball.


Others like to pretend that they staked a man and put his skull up for a warning.


This tree got confused on which direction was up.


Baby saguaro! Field of poppies! These are some of my favorite things.


Saguaro. Ocotillo. Boy. Cholla. Desert sunset.

It’s a pretty special place to be.


2 thoughts on “Desert in the Springtime

  1. Thanks Matt! Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Love moms

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  2. Hi! This is Jason with the Pugsley from the AZT outside of Kelvin. It was really cool to meet you and Scott after reading about all of the awesome riding you’ve been doing for years. Scott’s advice was was great to finish off the loop back to PHX without a backtrack. Cheers, Jason

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