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Bikes on the CDT – Summer 2015


For a long time after last summer, I was firmly under the impression that anyone who wanted to undertake the Continental Divide Trail on wheels was mistaken. It was so freakin’ hard.

But lo and behold, there are not one, not two, but three people riding their bikes on the CDT this summer, two of them attempting a full thru-ride.

Firstly, Iohan Gueuorguiev got one of the Blackburn Ranger sponsorship spots and mid 7-year round the world expedition, is trying the route north to south. Based on quick internet  and bikepacking.net searching, he’s got a fairly high tolerance for BS and is planning on riding the Canadian section as well. He’d done a lot of the GDMBR and wanted to step it up a level.

Secondly, Dylan from Alaska, is headed out this afternoon. He flew into Tucson a few days ago, and we dropped him on a Greyhound bus early this morning headed to Lordsburg. As one of the original members of the stumblefutzing expeditions on Alaska’s Lost Coast, one would think that the BS that the CDT doles out would be nothing for him.


We insisted that he come out and do a final Starr Pass ride with us, putting him on Scott’s Leviathan. He said it was the longest time he’d ever ridden a dually, and halfway through the ride when it clicked for him  that they can be point-and-shoot machines, he claimed that while entirely useless in Alaska, he might have to get one.


And lastly, Steve Spanogle from down south is doing part of what I’d consider a dream trip. He has twelve days of support and is riding a bike on all the fun sections of the the CDT from Silver City north and hiking all of the Wilderness and sections that you really don’t want a bike for. I’d love to do something similar on the Colorado Trail someday…He’s going to be out for 12 days and I think is about half way done with his trip right now.

We got a good bit of beta from Steve about the “trail” south of Lordsburg before our trip last year, a lot of which gave us the confidence to actually attempt the sections. So that’s really cool that he’s getting out there on wheels himself.

It’s a small step in a positive direction for getting people excited to ride the trail. Hopefully we’ll get updates from the thru-riders throughout the summer.


2 thoughts on “Bikes on the CDT – Summer 2015

  1. Love all of your “posts”. Thanks

  2. Awesome! Dylan’s tolerance for BS seems to be remarkably high. I like that all the hardtail/rigid visitors get to ride Scott’s squishy bike.

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