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Hot Sisters Bikepack – Day 3

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Well, we’re sitting in our little 2-person tent and it’s pissing rain outside. I guess we’re about to find out how water proof this little thing is. I think as long as neither of us fart, we’ll be okay.

This rain business is definitely getting old, but rumor has it that this little cloudburst we’re sitting in should be the last of it.

Aside from the rain, today really was a pretty ideal day in hotsprings bikepacking land.

We woke up with enough time to ask for a late check out and jog the 2.5 miles along the lakeshore to hot springs #2 of the trip.


Oozing out of red lava rock, the water was pretty stupid hot. We spent a good bit of time getting the dam to the lake just right so that the in-flow/out-flow kept it at a perfect temperature. Then the earth would fart and it would get too hot again.


Hot springs are awesome.

We loaded up the bikes and headed to the Paulina Peak trailhead for a little hike to the highest point on the caldera rim. Sure, we could have ridden the road, but it felt good to get out on the feet. We have been hauling running shoes around, after all.

It was cool to see the layout of the caldera from up high after having spent two days hanging out in it. Plus, the view of the obsidian flow was pretty neat. Only 400,000 years old!


Back at the bikes, we debated our options. The building clouds to the west, our intended direction of travel, were making us hesitant to leave the caldera, which at the moment was sunny.

“We’ll be fine,” were my famous last words.

And we were for about 3 miles of fast gas line descending. Then it started to rain and we were quickly reduced to hanging out under a tree. Bugger. It’ll pass, it has to pass.

And it did!

More fast descending brought us to an unknown-to-us trail, which we happily took as soon as we discovered that it was heading the right direction. Swoopy-riffic! It was a unexpected and much enjoyed surprise.

La Pine had an diner that served breakfast all day, so that was a win.


It also had a grocery store were we stocked up on three days and three nights of food. The bikes are currently not dancing up the hills, but we cranked out 20 flat miles to a forest service campground that even has a picnic table that we could have enjoyed had it not started raining 10 minutes after we got here.

C’est la vie. Tomorrow should be sunny, and spectacular.


One thought on “Hot Sisters Bikepack – Day 3

  1. The photo of breakfast in the cafe looks good but if one is required to eat Gluten-Free, it would be impossible to eat the french toast! Having Celiac Disease sucks…


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