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Hot Sisters Bikepack – Day 7

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Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a leisurely bike tourist. One of those that hits a town every day, maybe every other, always has good food available. I think today gave me a pretty good idea.

We stumbled over to the main lodge soon after waking, ordered our breakfast and coffees, and sat down to the view of the lake.


‘I think whatever we do today, it should be mellow,’ Scott offered. ‘I think yesterday was a pretty big day.’

I wasn’t going to argue, but we did have to decide what to do. Going back to climb the two mountains we originally planned to was going to be way out of our way, but Mt. Theilson, that we could see from the lodge had captured our imagination. Unfortunately, interneting research pointed to highly exposed ridges and Class 4 scrambling…but the interest in mountains to the south of us was piqued. And then Crater Lake National Park was down there, too. And, we were trying to avoid going into Oakridge during the weekend when Mountain Bike Oregon was going on.

When we heard rumors of hiker/biker camping at Diamond Lake and a pizza joint, it sealed the deal. We’d embark on a fairly epic 13 mile journey up the road, camp, and then climb up to Crater in the morning.


Not a bad office for the morning

We spent the morning working, talking to random people, playing with dogs, and generally just lazing around. We finally took off around 3. Of course, we could have taken an entirely paved route to the new lake, but Scott had gotten some beta of a snowmobile route, so dirt it was. It was probably harder, but no traffic. I think that after years of being a roadie and 9 months of being a bike messenger without major car issues, traffic doesn’t scare me quite as much as it should.

Our first stop was at the significantly larger store to browse the wares. I walked in saying I didn’t need anything, I walked out with a beer and a smoothy. I never take what I say too seriously.


We then cruised through a 3-mile long campground to find a tucked away little biker/hiker site, FREE! Yippee! There’s a bathroom, and a picnic table, and outlets for charging, and soft ground, and it’s dead quiet. I like the picnic table aspect the best after several nights of writing blog posts laying in the tent hiding from rain or mosquitos.


We went and sampled the pizza. We perused the internets. I read for a bit. We watched the sunset and an osprey hunt for fish in the lake. We almost have more time than we know what to do with.


And every once in a while, that’s a good problem to have.


One thought on “Hot Sisters Bikepack – Day 7

  1. You should climb Mt. Scott on the east side of Crater Lake! It’s high and mighty…and it’s Mt. SCOTT! LOL. Have a great night there…

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