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Hot Sisters Day 13 &14 – Oakridge entertainment

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We had no specific plan for how long we were going to stay in Oakridge. We just knew that we were a good bit tired and could probably stand to spend a day lounging. So we did. We made minor amounts of noise about going for a run that first day, or maybe a short bike ride, but really, working and watching YouTube videos ended up winning out, and before we knew it, it was dark.

Really, we were only slightly disappointed.

We thought about riding Alpine, the ‘famous’ trail in the area the next day. For $25, you can get a shuttle to the top, leaving at 9:45. But, we’d been indecisive and not re-upped our motel room yet, and we couldn’t get ahold of the owner before we would have had to leave.

Really, we were only slightly disappointed.

But by that time, we’d gotten it firmly embedded into our brains that we weren’t leaving town that day. We were both still a little tired, even after coffee, Scott still wasn’t feeling caught up on work, and well, lodging and food is pretty darn cheap in Oakridge.

But neither of us had any intention of working all day.

Field trip #1 was to the fish hatchery down the road. The Willamette River Hatchery spawns and raises both salmon and rainbow trout. After listening to much talk about wild salmon runs in the area and the negative impacts of the hatcheries, we were both curious to check it out.


Pools and pools of baby salmon.

A giant pool of huge ‘brood’ salmon waiting to be spawned, injected with antibiotics and ‘not fit for human consumption’.

Pools of baby trout ready to be released into lakes in the area to be fished.

A pool with 6 foot long sturgeons mingling with huge rainbow trout.

I think what struck me the most was the thought that so many fish that get caught in lakes are actually raised in tiny little pools and treated with whatever antibiotics they give them so that they can live in such close quarters. Not actually wild fish being caught out there…which is a little disconcerting.

We watched a cheesy video on the actual process of collecting, spawning, raising, releasing, and then recatching the salmon. I’m sure it’s on an equal level to the other monstrosities going on in our food system…but man…something in this system is broken. Way broken.

Anyhow, I’m glad we went.

Next up was a run that, for the record, Scott chose. A common shuttle ride for mountain bikes, we decided to go up, not really holding out a whole lot of hope for making it to the top.


We ended up feeling pretty good, and the trail was entirely runnable, so we did, against our better judgement, make it to the top to Larison’s Rock.


We got ourselves down just 10 minutes after both the pizza place and grocery store closed. Bugger. Instead, we shared our last yogurt, ate my left over toast from breakfast, and had the poptarts that we bought as breakfast supplement from our last day on the trail. Perfect recovery after an 11 mile run.

Tomorrow, we’re off. There’s a warm spring 6 miles up the road, so I could see not really making it far past there. Something about luxury touring..


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