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A new trailer.


I’ve gotten a little bogged down mentally with being behind on this blog. I’ve found that if I don’t write about an event or trip soon after it happens, I lose the human experience aspect of writing about it. I have no interest in writing about where I went or what I did. That bores me to tears. But the human experience, I’m fascinated by the human experiences I have.

But, I forget the experience that I’ve had as a human as time passes, or at least I become less motivated or inclined to share it, so as something fades farther and farther into the rearview, it becomes harder and harder for me to write about it, at least in a manner that’s interesting to me.

So. All that to say that I’m declaring blog bankruptcy (more for myself than anyone else) for everything that’s happened since getting to Moab in October to now and starting fresh today. Declaring it publicly, blog-icly, makes me feel better about it.

Why today? Something very exciting happened yesterday.

We bought a 13 foot fiberglass trailer. Meet The Tumbleweed. Or Scampy.


We’re planning on moving into it full-time sometime in January once the holidays are over. From there…the horizon is limitless.

I’ve been talking about moving into a trailer since my friends Bama and Tanesha  bought a 32 footer to live in in Portland. (He gave an AMAZING interview here, go read it. Seriously.)

This idea was further cemented when  watching 23-Feet, a documentary on traveling the west in a 23-foot Airstream, on an outdoor screen at Absolute Bikes in Salida in the spring of 2011, which funnily enough, is the first time Scott and I really hung out, back in previous lives. I pointed to the Airstream, which they had on-site for the film and said, ‘That. I want that.’ speaking more about the simple, minimalistic lifestyle rather than the Airstream. (Though it’s still on the life list to live in a Airstream someday)

Whenever Kacey Musgraves’ song My House came on the shuffle, I’d turn it up and sing along.

Who needs a house upon a hill

When you can have one on four wheels?

And take it anywhere the wind might blow

Anyhow. After months of talking about it and hemming and hawing about the pluses and minuses of trailer life, we found a trailer that had all of the features we wanted, was in Arizona, was light enough to be towed by the van, and was within our price range.

After looking at it, we went to a cafe in Bisbee to talk it over.

We concluded that we weren’t really making a decision on whether to buy that particular trailer or not, but if we wanted to take a stab at trailer life at all, because really, the little trailer was pretty close to perfect for our needs.

After years of looking at trailers around the west and wondering what it would be like to have one, we decided that the only way to know was to try it ourselves.

Our friend Lee helped us tow it home yesterday. Today, we transferred the title and got plates.

As I always say, Something is going to happen.



16 thoughts on “A new trailer.

  1. Just be sure to let me know if you ever decide to sell that little trailer. I’ve been searching for a light 13 footer for a few years now.

  2. 23 Feet was a fantastic little piece, and to see it in Salida, well, I would have needed to pinch myself.

  3. I completely relate to the blog bankruptcy. I am years behind and am torn between trying to catch up, using what faint memories I have, or starting fresh. Funny how life (even a rather mundane one, like mine), gets in the way of trying to preserve it somewhere…

  4. congrats! looks small for full-time but if you will tow it by van… might work.

    • We lived out of our “short” minivan (it likes to be called a sportsvan) pretty much full-time this past summer with a few days here and there within four walls. But we tented it most nights, and really we didn’t miss anything that didn’t fit into our van. We don’t really need the extra storage, but having a warm space and an area to work if we don’t want to go to a coffee shop is what we’re hoping will be valuable.

  5. Cool. Y’all are welcome to park at my place anytime….

  6. I’m the poster child for stale blog authors. I really like the premise of my blog, and I really enjoy writing.

    And I’m really out of the habit of doing any writing in my blog.

    Interestingly, the heyday of my blogging corresponded with the time that I was living in my camper. I have really fond memories of that time. Hope this little object becomes a focal point of good Human Experiences for you two.

  7. I’m so interested to hear how the camper works together with your bike life logistics-wise. Can you put a bike rack on top? Or is there room for bikes inside? Looking forward to seeing what kind of adventures lie ahead.

    • We’re tentatively planning on using the van as our gear locker and the trailer for working/sleeping. This past summer, we traveled with all of our gear + 2 bikes in the back of the van and only got frustrated a couple of times by our perceived lack of space. Having the trailer would allow us to haul four bikes around if we want to by putting life gear, such as clothes, camping gear, and food into the trailer. Our goal is to maintain the simplicity we had this last summer…but more comfortably.

  8. I’m all for an adventurous lifestyle and taking advantage of the ability to do things while you have health and youth, but with that there is the responsibility to plan and provide for your own needs when you are no longer able to live that lifestyle due to age, illness, or injury. I see far too many people in my work who were not responsible and are now reliant on taxpayers and the generosity of others to bail them out in their old age or due to illness or injury, all because they failed to be good citizens and accept responsibility while they were able. For sure, live to the fullest but plan and prepare for the time that will come when things will change. Maybe this doesn’t apply to your situation, but I’m sure it does for some that read here. Best wishes for you both in 2016 and beyond.

  9. My family has had a 13 foot Scamp for nearly 6 years. It’s a great little camper, and we’ve enjoyed taking it many places. Our Scamp always attracts the curiosity of people wherever we go. I could see how, paired with a minivan and a minimalist lifestyle, it would be a solid base of operations, and a reasonable full timer. With two growing kids, ours is starting to feel a bit cramped, so we may be moving on soon. Looking forward to seeing where you take yours.

  10. Congrats on the new digs. Good choice, the 13′ doesn’t have all the ‘extras’ we don’t want or need. Check out this site for dirt bag tips- http://www.cheaprvliving.com/

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