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Coming Home

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One of the most common questions in human interaction is “Where are you from?”

Pretty much every interaction in a campground involves the question at some point of time. It’s a funny question in this particular moment in my life because I haven’t lived in one place for more than six months in four years. And before that it was a two year stint. And then it was kid/college/grad school in Boulder, which to me is much more of a ‘Where did you grow up?’ versus ‘Where are you from?’

‘Where are you from?’ to me, at least, means, ‘Where do you identify with?’ More of a ‘Where does your heart feel content?’

And that’s a funny question.

Most camp neighbors we talk to seem to fit squarely in the category of ‘Worked for a long time, retired, now seeing the west.’ Which I think is awesome. But they all had a home base for some extended period of time that they can call ‘Where they are from.’

As I was flying in over Tucson and then waiting in the warm air saying ‘Hi!’ to the airport saguaros, I got to thinking, ‘Is Tucson the place I now most identify with? Even though I’ve only spent sub-20 months here over the past three years? And I still have to look at a map to get anywhere in town (besides Seis for burritos)?’

Scott did say ‘Welcome home’ when he picked me up with the Scamp in tow.

I did say, ‘It’s good to be home’ when we parked in our favorite near-town spot.


I’m getting to know every corner of the AZT both north and south from our spot both on foot and on bike.


And Scott even okay’d going out to see Cjell Mone during his AZT 750 time trial since the trail was technically less than a mile from our ‘home.’


I’ve spent more time on the Arizona Trail than the Colorado Trail in the past three years. That’s got to count for something when shifting mental residency.


Adios Cjell! Have a good trip to Utah!

I’m getting to know the neighbors pretty well.



Some are better than others.


I’m in love with the sunsets.


Nearly every one of them is a cause for celebration.


And I have some really awesome friends here.


The type that’ll pull cactus needles out of your ass if you fall in the wrong spot.


And then ride single speeds straight to Seis for burritos.


Tucson. Yeah. You can be ‘Where I’m from’ because I sure do like you a lot.




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