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The Family that Plays Together

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Moab has been great. It’s been great in a lot of ways, but I think the best (and somewhat unexpected) part has been the constantly rotating set of friends and family that have graced us with their presence. As I write this on the eve of our departure, I think we’ve spent less than 5 nights here (in five weeks) where we haven’t had camping neighbors or friends to ride with.

But the super unique part has been having family visit. First, my dad for White Rim, and then on a Thursday afternoon, Scott’s dad and older brother, Brian, showed up. Ready to ride. Us? We were mostly ready. Ready enough. Good enough for government.

The Morris family has a history of Moab trips. And it seems, based on the stories that I’ve been told, that rarely did they escape a Moab trip without getting epic’d in some way, shape, or form. Lost in the dark, out of water, you know, typical Morris Boys Go On An Adventure stuff.

In typical Morris fashion, they showed up with a stack of printouts of ride descriptions they were considering doing. I had to laugh because I tend to give Scott grief about doing way too much research for a trip. Me? I’m more of a Big Idea for a Trip and Hope For the Best type of a gal.


First up was Navajo Rocks.


While the Morris clad did many trips to Moab in the past, they’d determined that they hadn’t been for 12 years. So it seemed fitting to take them on one of the newer trails.


The trails have evolved so much in just the past couple of years.


Plus, I really like Navajo Rocks.


There was talk of a double ride the next day. I didn’t believe it would happen, as there’s always talks of double rides in Moab, and then they never happen once bums are firmly seated in camp chairs to watch the world go by. Maybe me and my friends are just lazy…

We started with the classic: Slickrock. Scott’s ridden the loop 20+ times in his lifetime. His dad and brother weren’t far behind. The slopes that they trusted their tires on blew my mind.


Maybe another 15 loops and I’ll get somewhat close to their level…


We made plans to ride Klondike that afternoon and retreated to air conditioning with computers to work for a few hours.

And the plans didn’t get broken. Much to my amazement. And as we headed out to the trailhead, I had to think to myself, ‘This is a terrible idea. I’m pooped.’


But we rode. And it was beautiful. And I descended like I was half-drunk, so I’m pretty glad that I made it out alive.

This Moab living, it’s hard work! My adrenaline levels were shot. My legs were tired. My arms were sore. My hand callouses were solid. It was time for a break. A break that involved another three-day self-supported trip around the White Rim, because when someone has camping permits and invites you to come along, you just don’t say no.

I hear that there was another double-ride day for the Morris boys the next day, and a hike the day after that. That’s some serious motivation! I can only imagine their energy levels 20 years ago…It’s pretty cool to still see them ride together, especially in a place where all this mountain biking craziness firmly took hold of Scott’s imagination many years ago.


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