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To the City

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I knew our streak of Scamp sleeping and camping would come to an end eventually. And I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it. In the past, we’d look forward to the amenities that came along with visiting family either in Salt Lake or Boulder. A roof over the head. Electricity. A full kitchen with a refrigerator. A bed!

But with the Scamp, we have exceptionally luxurious living conditions. I was sad to have to give up my little kitchen where I have everything I need and nothing that I don’t.

But. I had to get to Boulder somehow. Scott had nieces and nephews in SLC who were dying to see the Scamp. So we left the woods, and temporarily returned to civilization.

SLC, and the whole Wasatch Front area is definitely the biggest metro area we’ve been in since driving through PHX on our way out of Tucson. The cars were overwhelming and the driving of the Scamp through Salt Lake traffic was nerve wracking.

So many billboards. So many buildings. So many people. All of them in a hurry to get somewhere. To call it a culture shock after over two weeks deep in the woods would be an understatement.

‘This is temporary,’ I had to keep telling myself. ‘And SLC really isn’t that bad, as far as cities go. At least there are mountains.’

We parked the Scamp in Scott’s grandmother’s backyard and promised it that it wasn’t being abandoned.

I’ve found that the best way to combat Back-to-civilization-itis is to try to get outside as much as possible. We’d convinced Scott’s brother, Brian, to join us on a sunset/almost full moon hike up Mt Wire.


We’d done the same hike on a full moon the last time we were in SLC. I’m determined to make it an Ez-visits-SLC tradition.


There’s no better place to be as the sun is dropping in the west and the moon is rising in the east.


It’s always fun dropping into the city long after dark.


We slept in the Scamp that night, which was wonderful as we got to drink coffee while talking to Scott’s grandmother, who always has some good stories to tell. She also keeps her kitchen stocked with M&Ms and Skittles for the grand and great-grand kids.

The task of the day was to go ride Park City, as I’ve heard things about Park City being the most amazing place to ride.


So I had to go check it out.


Turns out, Park City is not the place to be on a Sunday morning, unless you like to stand on the side of the trail and wait for conga lines for 20 riders to pass by.


We eventually got on some lesser used trails, which redeemed the day. But I guess with the combination of the crowds and the lack of rocks, I’m not really in a hurry to go back. I’m spoiled rotten. I know.


All the kiddos and associated family members convened at Scott’s parents’ later that afternoon. Mass chaos. Loud chaos. I’ve learned to approach it all with a sense of humor because the decibel level that exists for multiple hours on end can border on absurd.

And then I used the best excuse I could think of at the time to escape for a little while, ‘I’m going to go try to get the Strava QOM on Mt Wire, I’ll be back in a couple of hours.’

For 30-some-odd minutes, all could hear was the beating of my heart in my ears. It was glorious.


I had to make quick work of the descent, as the sun was setting and I was entirely unprepared for the dark, having left my headlamp in the car. It was a glorious way to end the day, and we retired to the Scamp for one more night before I’d head to Colorado to watch the doggies.


See ya later Great Salt Lake!

I felt like the end of a season had come. Aside from two nights in a bed while Salsa Cycles was in town, we’d spent every night in the Scamp or bikepacking. Now, we faced an extended period indoors. But it’s okay. We’ll rest up, and when early July comes around, we’ll be ready to go.


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  1. Ha…our last two big vacations have been taken with my in-laws, and while I love them I’m definitely not as up for extended amounts of extended family time as my husband. They’ve gotten used to me taking off for long runs and/or rides. Not as many as I’d like, but it definitely helps.

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