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Boulder Days

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We return to my story with me driving back from Winter Park to Boulder, where I’d left a sink of dirty dishes soaking (accidentally) nearly two weeks ago with my parents coming back from Norway that afternoon. I made it back to their house an hour before their flight landed, and man oh man, I can attest that leaving a pot with mac and cheese remains with a little bit of water soaking can turn into something magnificently smelly. I cleaned the pot, took out the trash, and opened all of the doors and windows. Go smell, go! Don’t turn me in!

I had a few more days in Boulder while Scott wrapped up his boys’ trip, so I figured I’d make the most of it.


Jill, Elaine, and I had been tossing some ideas around for another long run. We’d come up with a somewhat dubious plan linking up a known running trail with some old trails that I used to mountain bike up near Rollins Pass. I wasn’t sure of a couple of turns, but I figured it would turn out okay.


The beauty of traveling up there is that as long as you head eastward, you’re going to run into Peak to Peak Highway eventually, so it’s hard to get too too too lost…

I’d also like to point out that I think it’s awesome that Jill and Elaine are willing to go on these adventures with me.


We started out at Hessie and took the long(er) but more scenic way up to King Lake and the Divide. The snow meltage from the week prior was significant and I was halfway tempted to take a dip in King Lake. But, there was already a couple there, and I figured that me stripping down and jumping in the alpine lake would ruin their romantic camp site. Next time…


We took a left at the Divide and headed towards the trestles, remains from when the railroad went over the pass instead of thru the Moffatt Tunnel.


Many good lunches have been had on the Trestles during Rollins Pass Booze Cruises of years past, and this lunch was no different. There may not have been Bama’s ghetto blaster or bikes this time around, but it was still a good place to eat a snack.


Then down the ridge, where I had to question reality.  I used to ride my bike down this? Was I nuts? Am I still nuts?

Then on to the gas line where I scoured the woods for the Gwin Mountain Hut and the trail that would take us to Jenny Creek. I’ve never found the hut. And this time was no different. But, we found a cairn that took us to a faint trail that took us to a road, and after an endless amount of descending, I finally recognized where we were! Giddy-up!

Back to the base of Eldora, a little bit of pavement, then Bowel Movement right down to Eldora town. It was a fantastic 20 mile loop. I can do 20 miles with minimal ill-effects. How cool is that!?

The Long Ranger had gotten me stoked to go up Longs Peak the next day, but then he remembered that he had to work. We settled for a quick lap of Green instead.


As far as admiring people who do amazing stuff that’s pretty outrageous and inspiring, Justin is pretty high on my list. I was telling my dad about him, ‘He rode his bike to all the 14’er in Colorado and climbed them self-supported in something like 31 days! He’s amazing!’ to which my dad said, ‘And you’re going running with him?’

I’m working on not being intimidated by people. This was a good start. I did manage to make an ass of myself trying to stand up on the summit boulder of Green, which for the record, is really exposed if a) you look down and b) you’re an absolute baby when it comes to heights.


I did a few more runs in Boulder with the Sparkle dog. Leaving her breaks my heart every time. But there are things to do. People to see. Places to go. Scott was coming! We were headed out!


And she’s got a great home with my parents being a spoiled rotten Boulder dog. I told her that summer camp was over and that it was time for her to go back to training and learning, and that I’d see her later and we’d go on some more adventures that involved creeks and lakes and mountains. IMG_4687

And while I was gone, my mom would do a great job of cuddling.


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