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Rain in Nelson

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This rain has been impressive. We knew there was a storm coming in, and we knew that it was going to rain today, but holy heck, it rained all day today. And it wasn’t just a drizzle, it was rain. Which was quite a thing for four desert rats.

To be fair, when we woke up, it wasn’t raining. But by the time I rolled over and asked Scott what time it was supposed to start raining, we started to hear drizzle on the tent.

We probably would have stayed at the campground, which is a handful of miles outside of Nelson, and waited out the storm, but we needed to pick up our bounce box before noon, and I had that slight problem of no rear brake, and a worn out front chainring that was grinding something nasty.

So, in pouring rain, Scott and I pedaled into town. We were definitely not stoked on the situation.

It took three bike shop stops to find one that a) had a mechanic on duty b) was open and c) had the parts.

But we found one, and they were able to turn the bike around before noon when they closed. I later learned that he was a magic mechanic, though lacked some in the customer service aspect of a bike shop. I was just happy to have functional brakes again!

After a stop for a meat pie, we headed up to the residence of the one and only Ollie Whaley, who’d won Tour Divide the same year that I had. I hadn’t met him at the time, so it was fun to meet him 4 years later. We walked into him telling Kurt about some route that we could take that was amazing, but had a 3 hour bike carry. I’m not sure if a bike carry is better or worse than traditional hike-a-bike.


His wife had made bacon scones, which were maybe the most amazing things I’ve ever eaten.

Then off to the library for some internet, the outdoor store for a drybag (my iPad nearly met a wet and watery end during the rain yesterday and the day before), and then back up the road with a bottle of wine.

We have a route from here planned, but a pretty terrible weather forecast, so Nelson it is for a day or two more, and then off towards the Wine Tasting Track and the Old Ghost Road.


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