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Thanksgiving Riding and Navajo Tacos

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This Thanksgiving, I have to express a large amount of thanks to my brother, who last February, packed his bags, and with a year-long work visa, came to New Zealand for a year.

Without him here, there’s no way that we’d be here eating meat pies.

So I’m grateful that he made the leap of faith that NZ would be awesome and invited us along for the ride.


After working a double shift the day before, Andras met us at our coffeeshop looking, well, looking like shit. That’s what happens when you go on a working binge to make a bunch of money for the next leg of travel and work a 16 hour day.

I bought him a coffee and two meat pies to try to get him looking a little more human. It must have worked because we were off pedaling shortly afterwards, bound for the 7-Mile trail system down the lake.


We were told that we’d probably be bored by these trails, but I loved them. Based on the giggles and hoots and hollers that I heard from Scott and Andras up ahead, they weren’t bored either.

Bald eagle ducks and ducklings

It was a sunny and beautiful day, and we were finally out for a reasonable day ride with beautiful views of the lake – a glorious way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

We rolled back into town to pick up Kurt and Kait, who’d received the diagnosis of ‘most likely sprained with nothing torn’ on her knee, piled five people and five bikes into the back of Andras’ camper van, and headed up the hill to his top secret campsite for Thanksgiving dinner.


Since turkey isn’t really something that is easily found around here, we decided to make Navajo tacos instead, which we thought was an appropriate substitute. Lamb, squash, beans, and salsa. It was great.

Read the description. Seriously.

The evening weather even had a few fine spells that allowed us to hang out outside, and when the rain really started to come down, we moved inside the van. #vanlife is awesome.


I was feeling pretty lucky to be spending time in the shadow of the Remarkable Mountains, with good friends and even some family, enjoying the finer things in life. Good food, good wine, good beer, and for a few minutes, even a roof over my head.



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