A revival?


Hi. Does this still work?

11 responses to “A revival?”

  1. Joan Grey says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Troy Lindberg says:

    Yes! I think you should revive the Zenondirt! You’re a big reason why I am thinking about riding in AZ this winter/spring. And NZ eventually. I follow you in Insta so maybe redundant?

  3. Darryl Williams says:

    Would love too see what adventures you are up to these days…

  4. Dave Jeffers says:

    Yes it’s working Ester.

  5. Yes, it’s still working. Hope you start blogging again!

  6. Charles Ratliff says:

    Enjoyed your writing and photog. Found you through the mapping software in a roundabout way. Phx AZ

  7. Michael Hill says:

    Eszter, nice to see you back. A return to your long form writing over insta would be a welcome addition to my feed!

  8. Oui !!! I’d be so thrilled to get to read you again. You are one of the not so many sources of inspiration that made me change so much in my life and set me on the path to freedom I am on now. Thank you!!!

  9. Gabe Dillon says:

    I’d love to read more!

  10. Mike Symons says:

    I hope this is indeed a revival of this space. Every time I get in a reading mood (often), I check here to see if the silence has been broken 🙂 I hope blogs never die – the reader’s digest versions (AKA insta, FB, etc) leave so much to be desired.

  11. Melbeejoi says:


    Melissa Beaury


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