A Return to Writing

I have to admit, it feels really awkward, uncomfortable, weird to be writing here again. Aside from a handful of “creative” writing bits and bobs that I’ve done in a past couple of years, all of my word making has gone towards writing webpages for HVAC companies.

Yes. That is, in fact, as exciting as it sounds. But it paid (and continues to pay) the bills. And it lets me travel and adventure and do so many of the things I want to do with my life.

But, in summary, as far as being a writer goes, I sold out. I got sick of the freelance hustle, found myself regular writing work, and at the end of each day, I didn’t have the energy or motivation to write anything for myself. Instagram with its few sentence captions that nobody reads anyhow was deemed good enough.

And I kind of feel like I’ve lost the ability to spin a story. Creativity and writing (beyond grammatically correct customer service pieces with sentences that are 20 words or less, which I’ve gotten real good at over the past few years) are both skills that when they aren’t practiced, they atrophy. And now, when I’m actually tasked with writing something that I care about, I really struggle. And I hate that.

My other motivation for getting this back up and going has come from reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. It’s a borderline self-help book, which I tend to shy away from, but as someone who’s always gotten obsessed with creative pursuits that tend to not lead to tangible (read: financial) results, I enjoyed her take on creativity for the sake of creativity. That it’s perfectly acceptable to create something even if nothing comes of it. It was a good reminder that I’m allowed to write for the sheer joy of writing.

I, historically, have loved writing here and on my former blog. I wrote because I loved telling the stories of my days and adventures. It was never with the intention of turning it into a profitable side hustle or working my way into fame and fortune. And I definitely didn’t realize what a valuable treasure trove of memories accompanied by photos I was creating. I feel so lucky to have several years of stories written down with details that I had long forgotten.

So I’m going to try again. Mostly because I want to develop a regular writing practice again. Somewhat because I know that future me will appreciate having these things written down. And a little bit because I’m annoyed with the Facebook and Instagram templates where story-telling is no longer a thing.

So off I go. Thanks for following along!

7 responses to “A Return to Writing”

  1. Eszter, welcome back to writing (for you)! I’ve always loved this blog and your voice. Since I don’t (regularly) read HVAC manuals, I’m glad to see you back.

  2. Happy to see/read this! I hope you realize the impact the content here has had on myself and surely many others. It was this place and others in the adventure-sphere that lit a little fire in me that made me think I could do really cool things like bikepacking (and maybe even write about them on occasion as well…)

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